Mental health is a hot topic in the media in light of recent events in society however discussion on how mental health issues affect girls and women of color is a topic that is rarely discussed openly.

Join Dr. Culbreth, Professor Charish Halliburton and Ms. Sonia Renee Brown for a discussion Taking Care of Our Health: Mental and Physical Health Issues Affecting Girls and Women of Color. Topics will focus on how racism and colorism affect mental health; identity, socioeconomics, culture, race, and ethnicity, poverty, violence and mental illness, girls of color and mental health in the classroom, peers, mental health and the workplace, stress or mental health issues,  labels, professional women of color and mental health, professional help, resources and support, among a plethora of mental health issues.  Topics involving physical health issues will include physical exams, major health issues affecting girls and women of color, and exercise.

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