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Join Dr. Culbreth for a commentary on Toxic People, Toxic Environments and Toxic Situations (Toxic PES Syndrome).


  • Toxic People (The Hater's Club, Crabs, The Desperado Club, and Jealous People)
  • Toxic Environments  (Racism and Colorism)
  • Toxic Situations (All over the map)
  • Overcoming Toxic PES Syndrome 

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Dr. Culbreth and guest, Dr. Shandra Terrell Williams  discuss Grant Writing in a Nutshell.  Dr Culbreth later talks about A Reality Check in Baltimore: Indeed It Takes A Village.

First Segment

Grant Writing in a Nutshell with Guest, Dr. Shandra Terrell Williams, Executive Consultant and Grant Writing Expert.  Learn about Dr. Terrell-Williams’ affordable course on Grant Writing and her LinkedIn group Emerging Grant Writers.

Call in to ask questions, comment or share by dialing 914-338-1308.

Second Segment .

The Reality of Baltimore: Indeed It Takes A Village


  • Indeed It Takes A Village
  • The Problems and the People
  • The City, Community and the Clergy
  • Less Talk More Action
  • The Change Needed

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