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Dr. Culbreth explains the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Concept for Preparing Youth of Color for Promising Futures.


  • Dreams
  • Road Blocks
  • Making Good Choices
  • Raising the Bar
  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S .

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Racism In The Millennium

Dr. Culbreth and Dr. Jung-Kim discuss Racism In The Millennium.

Show Outline:

The new format of Complexity Talk Radio

Racism In The Millennium


  • Keeping it real 
  • Racism in the millennium 
  • Playing the game and winning 
  • Apologies
  • Knowledge is power 
  • Sincere efforts/strategies 
  • Self-serving grandstanding
  • The needed conversation  
  • Where do we begin?
  • Possibilities and opportunities 
  • Moving forward 

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Dr. Culbreth and Dr. Jung-Kim discuss Celebrating and Embracing Girls and Women of Color: Rising Above Colorism and Negativity.


·         Colorism

·         Psychic prisons 

·         Breaking down skin color and race barriers

·         Defying negative stereotypes 

·         Celebrating and embracing each other           

·         Perceptions                             

·         The power within

·         You are so much more

·         Reality TV                                                      

·         Higher Ground

·         Sisters in unity

·         Self-validation                                                

·         The Movement

·         National Girls and Women of Color Council  (NGWCC)

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Join the authors of Live Life Beautiful: Affirmations for Girls of Color, Dr. Culbreth, Dr. Jung-Kim and Ada Elizabeth Culbreth for a discussion on how girls of color are treated disparately and how their new book can make the difference in the lives of girls of color.


  • The mission of I Am Beautiful Global, Inc. and The National Girls and Women of Color Council (NGWCC)
  • Colorism, Racism and Disparate Treatment
  • The Foundation of Beautiful
  • PEPS
  • How Live Life Beautiful Affirmations for Girls of Color will make the difference
  • Workshops and Webinars

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Join the Authors of Live Life Beautiful: Affirmations for Girls of Color (Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth, Dr. Julie Jung-Kim and Ms. Ada Elizabeth Culbreth) for a discussion about the new film “Annie” (starring Quvenzhané Wallis) and girls of color Living Life Beautiful.

• The role of Annie played by a girl of color
• Negativity directed at girls of color
• Defying negative stereotypes, prejudice, hatred, and biased isues
• Live Life Beautiful: Affirmations for Girls of Color
• Diversity, racial unity and multiculturalism
• One size does not fit all
• The Foundation of Beautiful
• Think it! Believe it! Achieve it!
• To all of the Annie’s throughout the world
• What the world need’s now

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The Hidden Prejudice in Education

Dr. Culbreth and  Dr. Jung-Kim discuss The Hidden Prejudice in Education: Understanding How Colorism, Prejudice, Racism and Stereotypes Can Affect the Dreams of Students of Color!

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Complexity Talk Radio - Complexity Live 

Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth and Dr. Julie Jung-Kim discuss  Addressing Racism on College Campuses


  • Institutional racism
  • Overview of racism on college/university campuses in the millennium
  • The culture of racism on campuses
  • Blaming the Victims
  • Racism and Students
    • Sororities and Fraternities
    • When apologies are not enough
    • Racism in the classroom
    • The racist professor/instructor
    • The effects of racism on students of color
    • Conscious/unconscious racism
    • Overt/covert racism
  • Racism and Faculty/Staff/Administration
    • Speak up and get fired
    • Wake-up
    • Inequality
    • Power
  • The change that is needed
    • Understanding personal biases
    • White Privilege (Article by Peggy McIntosh)
    • Training
    • Point zero
    • Moving forward
    • Unity?

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