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Join Dr. Culbreth and guests, Dr. Meghna Bhat and Ms. Alicia Thompson, authors and contributors to “Our Voices Our Stories: An Anthology of Writings Advancing, Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls and Women of Color” for a discussion on empowering girls and women of color. This episode will focus on the empowerment of girls and women of color personally, academically and professionally. Topics will include how we can empower girls and women of color psychologically, emotionally, physically and socially.

Additional discussion topics will include realizing the power within, self-esteem, self-love, self-identity, self-respect and self-pride, colorism, race,  hair, body image, inner beauty, words of wisdom, self-validation, on being original, defining yourself for yourself, standards of beauty, setting high standards and expectations among other topics.  The episode will also focus on how women of color can inspire, set examples and empower girls and teens of color and the development of coping strategies to deal with race, color and disparate treatment issues.


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Join Dr. Culbreth for "Advancing and Living the Dream" which focuses on how we can advance and live the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of making this world a better place for all. Topics will include rising above negativity, speaking truth to power, racism, saving the children, community empowerment, empowering yourself and others to rise, being a change agent, unity across the board, humanity, voices, visibility, Black women in America, people of color trying to survive and live the "American Dream," collateral beauty, paving paths, building foundations, talents, no room for grandstanding or egos, giving back, challenges and controversy, actions from the heart, and the greater good among other topics. 

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